The main goals of our project are...

The horse is often described as "the most beautiful conquest of Man." It has led to many developments in various fields : agriculture, transport and travel, etc. In history, there has been the creation and development of materials, techniques, crafts, and sports associated to horses. The horse had a significant influence on our societies, our stories and our lives.

In our institutions, it is a teaching help to learn the techniques, sports and jobs that use it. But it is also an educational tool. It supports personal development and self-conquest. This is why our project is titled "The influence of horse in our lives."

This project will allow students to get other competences in an European establishment. It is a "plus" for them to find a job. Thus, 6 mobility activities will be organised to have skills in harnessed horse labour, ethology, horsebreeding in winter season, dressage, equitherapy, animal welfare and discovery of racing training. For each acquired competence, the students will have a skill passport which will be filled up. These mobilities will be also an excellent opportunity to sensitize the students to another cultures and to the European construction. Thus, they will create a DVD as a souvenir, a good tool to familiarize themselves to ICT.

Besides, we will use these mobilities to make the teachers have a new look at these practices and improve their pedagogical methods. They will create worksheets and implement new practices. They will also have the opportunity to train themselves about ethology and/or equitherapy and get a certificate.

We will also build a website that will inform everyone and share our results.


The main objectives of this project is to help students with fewer opportunities to feel more confident in themselves, to be better integrated into the society and to get easily a job. Concretely, this project will give opportunities to students and also to teachers :

- to get more competences (horse knowledge or practises, English, ICT...)

- to become more mobile ;

- to open their mind.

Our students need to open their mind. Most of the time, they are not mobile, even in their mind. This project will give them other possibilities to find their place into the society.

Moreover, several students have difficulties to learn. This project is a good tool for the students to make them achieve their studies, and so to get a diploma. For students, the main impact is to help them to be integrated into the European society and espacially into the European labour market.

Facing these students with learning difficulties, the teachers always need to find new methods to help them to learn or to get them motivated by their studies. European project can help the teachers having a new look at their methods and finding new learning practices. Thus, the impact of the project is to be better adapted to the student's professional project ; to be curious, mobile and have the interest of going abroad and of having a new look at their pegagogical methods.

Through this project, we also want to create a network of horse establishments in order to create a European space for learning. We would like to more individualise the path of the students and offer them the opportunity to get new skills by traveling in an European country. Through this project, the different establishments wish to put European project into “establishment project”. It is a fantastic mean of having new ideas of development of the establishment, of being involved into an European dynamic and of being into a horse school European network.

All the partners will contribute to the project through their own cultures and their specialities. That's why we try to get partners from all the part of Europe (North, South, West and East) : Naturbruksgymnasiet Uddetorp in Sweden, Burtnieki Secondary School in Latvia, LPA D. Brottier in Western of France, MFR "Les 4 Vents" in Eastern of France, EPDRA in Portugal and ASD. Incontro a Cavallo, in Italy. We are four vocational agricultural schools, one secondary school and one association specialist in equitherapy.

To manage the project, we will organize three transnational project meetings to plan, to built (logistic, exchanges for students and teachers, evaluation grids, etc. ) and to evaluate our project.

We wish to become fully European citizens involved in education and training of future European citizens. We are really convinced that horses can bring a lot to anybody. That's why, the knowledge of our personal and professional potential can be put into relief by the use of the horse. We are also convinced that horses contribute to sustainable development of our societies.



Map with the different partners