The swedish experience at MFR, Ramonchamp

Day 1 Sunday

When we arrived to France, we went on a walk to look around the school.

Day 2 Monday

The students showed us around the school. This is pictures from the stables and the view.

Day 3 Tuesday

On the Tuesday we were in the stable all day. We tried to long rein the horses. We found out that they didnĀ“t do it in the same way as we do it in Sweden. We tried both big horses and small horses.Later, we rode their horses and we tried a small obstacle course. The French students rode first and then we had to pick a horse that we wanted to try. In the afternoon we rode in the forest too.

Day 4 Wednesday

We went to a cheese factory. They showed us how the cheese are made and stored. We got to taste the cheese if we wanted.After the cheese factory, we went to a horse center. There were many animals; pigs, dogs, cats and of course horses. Some of the horses lived outside all the time were they have roof over their head and food. That was the horses that they trained and competed with. The horse center even took care of many old horses.

Day 5 Thursday

We went to another place with some of the schools horses. All the Swedish, Portuguese, Italian and French students were split in two groups or teams. We did orientation in the forest and mountains.In the afternoon we competed in eventing and we had the same horses as before. We got diplomas and they thanked us for being with them.Day 6 FridayWe flew from France to Amsterdam, and then from Amsterdam to Sweden.

The portuguese experience at Ramonchamp

Our mobility to MFR 4Vents at Romanchamp, France , was such a good experience!

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